Day 22

Nizhy Novgorod – Zavidovo 610 km

Another long and hot day in Russia. Much distance to cover and many special competitions to perform.

First an early departure from the hotel for a 36 km run to a local racing circuit with the well known name , the n-ring. The circuit was the place where our rally clock would start so we arrived in time to receive the amendments to the route book for the day.

Every day there is a sheet with amendments for the navigators to adjust the route book. These are route changes, changes to the passage control times or time trials.

It was already very hot when we started our official rally day with three full laps on the n-ring circuit. Tricky circuit if you don’t know the layout and by the second lap I braked too late on he main straight so that I almost overshot the left corner. I just made it and I think in the end we set a decent time.

Then for another long haul on Russian regional roads. Sunday is full of traffic including many trucks so it became a game of overtaking where possible or waiting for traffic to ease up in the country site.

Then at the end of the day with almost 85 km to go we were directed to an old army base for two time trials.

The first was on a sort of dirt track circuit and immediately there after we were directed to a small test circuit which was very narrow with some nasty rusty barriers on the outside.

The moment we arrived for the two tests an enormous thunderstorm exploded and rain pelted down on us when we were doing the trials.

We got through it all right after which we went back to main road for our last 85 km to the hotel venue in Zavidovo.

All in all almost an 11 hour day in hot ans stifling weather. Anty and I are dead tired . The car has been okay today despite the hot weather, traffic jams, circuits and tests.

If you have never heard of Zavidovo then you are not alone. Look on the car locator map and you will see that it is located near a river and some lakes. It is a newly build resort with water sport facilities and a good Radisson hotel. Young affluent Russian families with their children stay here and are enjoying their holidays on the lake.

It is a shame we all arrived here so late because it’s a nice place to stay.

Tomorrow another long day with a circuit test on the Moscow circuit. Yes we are not far from Moscow but we will not stop there.

Good night,