Day 3

Magic moments in the Goby Desert

Erenhot to campsite in the Gobi dessert

I am writing this from our tent in the Goby desert and I am not sure when you will receive this message as we have no phone signal.

Finally we are in Mongolia. This morning a short run to the Chinese Mongolian border. Then a long wait. First clearing the Chinese border then to the Mongolian border. I will not bore you with the details but it took us about two and a half hours to drive into Mongolia. Remember after June 23 it will take that long to cross the border in to the UK...

However it was all in good order and and everybody was patient and well the behaved. As it was we were quite up front in line and we hit the road around 11.35.

We then had a run of 220 km on a long and straight desert road before we came to MTC ( main time control) to start the day of rallying.

The next stage was about 190 km off road in the sand and desert. No more Tarmac and only waypoints to connect the route. There were two timed speed sections. This being the first competition of the rally. The first section was about 45 km through the rutted tracks as fast as you can go.

It was the first time we could try the Pagode on this terrain. With the tire pressures low and the schlock absorbers soft the car really behaved very well. At some stages we saw 107 km on the speedo... We have not seen the day results yet but despite a small waypoint mistake - we took a wrong track for a short while and had to back track a km - we were certainly in the top five results.

It's fun for me but a new experience for Anty as this car is a lot faster then our Lady in Red.

The second time trial was about 25 km before the night campsite. Another fast but tricky run but again probably a good result. I saw 109 on my speedo at one stage.

Now we are in the camp in the Mongolian Desert. Our tent is pitched next to the car and Anty is already fast asleep, exhausted from an exiting day.

Tomorrow another 185 km off road through the desert and then on Tarmac to the chaos of Ulaan Bataar where we will have one rest day to check if the Red Devil is still in good shape.

More tomorrow,

Good night,