Day 35

Lausanne - Reims 520 km!

We have arrived in Reims on our last night stop before our finish in Paris tomorrow.

A long driving day with little competition, many time controls and good weather. The mood amongst the competitors is relaxed now as those that are here will make it to Paris one way or another.

A day that started at 9.22 in Lausanne took us until 19.15 to arrive in Reims. Endless small country roads and it would have been wise to cut the route by 100 km so that we could arrive and enjoy Reims a bit earlier.

The cars are parked right in the center of Reims in the pedestrian area where there are many terraces full with people enjoying the Saturday evening.
I don't notice much of mourning the victims of Nice on this summer evening in Reims.

We were welcomed at the parking by Altena's Rick Kelder who build our rally car two years ago. It is very much his baby and he can be proud of this car because it has performed perfectly. In fact many competitors have expressed their admiration of the way it is build and how it has performed.

Thanks Rick for a good car and thanks for making the trip to Reims.

Because of our late arrival we skipped the ERA rally diner and choose to eat with Rick and his uncle at one of the terraces near the car.

Tomorrow the last 180 km to Paris where Grace , Sonja, kids and many friends will be at the finish to welcome us.

It's been a tough rally and after tomorrow I will write my final report on this rally.

Stay tuned.

Good night,