Day 7

A rainy day in Mongolia

After a good night rest in our comfortable Hillenberg tent we were woken at six from the early daylight and the noise of our other competitors getting ready for breakfast and folding their tents.

Breakfast is in a army type tent and is really on par with a decent hotel breakfast. Bacon and eggs are fried on the spot and there is a variety of serials and bread. They also serve a good strong coffee.

After breakfast the sun had burned off the dew of our tent and we could start packing up tent, air beds, sleeping bags etc. This process takes about 30 minutes . When all is done we prepare the car for the day. Today we were all given packed lunches so no worries about food and water.

The route from Bulgan to Murun Camp is quite a straight forward run. First about 300 km on a long and winding road through the Mongolian landscape. In 2013 the last 200 km of this road was off road as there was no Tarmac road then but now this whole section is 200 km paved road. The last 60 km of the route took us off road again in that section we had a 30 km time trial over sometimes very rough tracks. The finish was up a very steep and muddy hill and considering the altitude of about 1500 meter some of the older cars were struggling to get up to the finish of this trial.

We took the whole off road section extremely carefully and so we came through without any damage or other mechanical problems. However sometime when speeding along these rocky grass and mud tracks you wonder how all these cars survive this beating.

After this exciting uphill finish we had another 16 km off road downhill section towards the campsite which is located along site a small river in between a very nice green valley.

Because of the high speed we can make on the Tarmac road and the fact that we have a very early start these last few days we nearly came in the camp as one of the first. 14.30 we already pitched our tent, took a nice warm shower in one of the shower tents . Then we did a thorough check of the car. The are a few rattles and sceaks but nothing serious and the sump repairs has held up very well.

So today was a relatively easy day and good to be back in the groove. The mood in the camp is really good and because we were all quite early there was plenty of time to get to know the other competitors,

The rally photographer Gerard Brown took a few pictures of us for our sponsor Zenith and the photographer even brought a small camera drone that flies over the camp to take pictures.

You can probably see them on the P2P website.

Oh, yes and it rains in Mongolia. The rain started at lunchtime when we're just entering the off road section, so we put the top on the Pagode and in the campsite we have had a number of Alps type rain storms. It is quite windy as well so tonight could be interesting.

Tomorrow will be the opposite of today. Almost 380 km just off road to our next campsite. Anty worries about our wet tent in the morning but that is the least of my worries.

It will be a tough day ahead.

Good night,


Ps: There is no phone signal here so this report will be send when we pass a village with a gsm signal.