Day 8

Murun camp to Uliastai

Toughest day so far. Three hundred and twenty km in nine hours and twenty minutes. That is an average of thirty km an hour.

It was rough, tough, rocks, mountain streams to cross. It was muddy, it was dusty it rained the sun shone everything you could think off was thrown at us.We travelled as high as 2300 meters and the landscape is breathtaking.

From the dry and dusty Goby desert we find ourselves now in lush green Alps. But in the alps are tourists and people and villages and towns.

Here in Mongolia we may have passed two small villages and all day we may have seen 20 people. It is a vast country .

We are now at out next campsite at a lake at around 1800 meters altitude. Most cars are in but it has been a tough battle for all competitors.

The organizers have had to change today's route drastically because of the bad condition of much of the route. Despite this it must have been one of the toughest rally days in the history of the P2P rally.

Right now we are queuing for petrol at a petrol tanker that has come to the campsite as there are no petrol stations within 100 kilometers from here.

Our day has consisted of concentrating on finding the right tracks to take, avoiding hitting hidden rocks and looking for the best places to cross small rivers our muddy swamps. Anty is my look out for any oncoming obstacles and I try to avoid the biggest scrapes. Really this is terrain for 4x4 cars and not Prewar Bentleys.

Fortunately we came through without major damage and the car is running fine.

Tomorrow another 300 kilometers of tracks.

We going to have an early night because we are deadbeat.

Good night,